To our website Our Website, the home of our flagship software FKPPro. and now also Family Parental APP Pro 8!. Please have a good look around the website and don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help or advice.

Family Parental APP Pro was one of THE very FIRST Parental APP software to get a 5 star Cnet Editor rating, in fact the editor at the time simply called it "Spectacular". Don't take my word for it, below is the entire review in its full glory. You can even click on the review and a new page will open up to the actual website.. FKPPro Software

Family Parental APP Pro is an award winning software Parental APP which is 100% safe to use.

FKPPro is our main software title capable of monitoring EVERYTHING that your child does on ANY Windows PC or Laptop!. Monitor Keystrokes, Programs Run, Websites Visited, Emails & Passwords Typed, Screenshot Recorder & much much more besides. FKPPro is THE only Parental APP & parental monitor that you will ever need.

Why pay more for less? why be ripped off by software that has spyware, adware or even worse virus activity? With Family Parental APP Pro you are safe in the knowledge that your pc is safe from harm.

Our software is an award winning Parental APP:
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